Professor Pengillys Putty

Professor Pengelly's Magnetic Putty – Cobalt Blue

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  • Magnetic putty from Professor Pengelly’s
  • Comes with a magnet for instant magnetic mayhem
  • Comes in cool Cobalt Blue
  • Sculpts into a variety of shapes – the only limit is your imagination!
  • Each tin contains approx. 88g of putty

For those of you with a magnetic personality, this is definitely the Putty for you. Well, alright, maybe having a magnetic personality has nothing to do with it, since these magnetic putties come with their own little magnets to cause mayhem with.

Each of these magnetic putties – coming in cool Cobalt Blue or shining Shimmer Gold – makes for an awesome modelling goop, mouldable and mashable, making for something you can squish, sculpt and generally shape as you see fit. But the real joy of these putties is seeing them react to the supplied magnet – or any magnet, really. Watch as they move, squirm and twist of their own accord in response to the awesome, invisible power of magnetism!

No matter which colour you choose, these magnetic putties are a real find. Feel the power!