Professor Pengillys Putty

Professor Pengelly's Colour Changing Putty

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These putties are not your average moulding material. Oh, sure, they sculpt and stick and squish and mould and mush with the best of ‘em, but these fellas hold a secret. Under the right circumstances – be those circumstances exposure to UV light or a change in temperature – these putties change colour.

  • Colour changing putties from Professor Pengelly
  • UV-reactive putties come with mini-UV light
  • Thermo Reactive putties react to changes in temperature
  • Perfect for moulding, sculpting, squishing and making
  • Each tin has approx. 88g of putty

The Thermo-Reactive putties – Sunset Red and Radiant Purple – react to changes in temperature: their surfaces shifting hue right before your eyes.

The UV ‘Hyper-Reactive’ putties, meanwhile, coming in a sickly green or a gooey white, and each tin comes with a small UV light. When you shine this UV light on the UV-reactive putties… well, there’s a reason they’re called ‘hyper-reactive’.

Whichever of these putties you choose, they all make for amazing gooey sculpting materials, letting you mould, make and mush whatever you want with them.