Mighty Bright Superbright Highlighters

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Toophpaste shaped highlighters

Mighty Bright Superbright Highlighters are overachievers when it comes to living up to their job. While they may not leave your page smelling minty fresh, they will make your words shine as bright as a Hollywood smile.

Designed to look exactly like tubes of toothpaste, these highlighters are perfect for adding some fun to your revision or paperwork. The set contains 4 pens in super-bright shades of blue, fluroescent pink, orange and yellow.


Product size and spec
Size w37.1 mm x h110.6 mm x d24.7 mm
Weight 80
Material/s Plastic (PP) (69.2gr) ; Plastic (PET) (2.4gr) ; Plastic (PE); (0.4gr) ; Ink; (8gr) 

Packaging size and spec
Size w150.0 mm x h140.0 mm x d32.0 mm
Weight 48
Material/s Paper & Card (20gr) ; Plastic (PET) (24gr) ; Plastic Blister (PVC); (4gr)