Flickerz Flying Disc 3-Pack

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Flickerz - The revolutionary new pocket sized flying disc that flies over 70 feet.

Flickerz bring year-round fun and indoor/outdoor flexibility to the classic sport of flying discs

They are precision engineered to fly far and hit targets with amazing accuracy. Play with friends. Flick back and forth with a partner or challenge each other to see who can flick the farthest, who can hit the most targets and who can perfect the most trick shots and sick flicks.

How do they work? Place the disc between your thumb and middle finger. Hold with the flat side of the disc facing up. Gently squeeze the disc and release with a flicking motion. When done correctly, the disc will spin and fly through the air. For greater speed and distance, thrust your arm forward while flicking the disc.

  • Includes 3 Flickerz discs - Blue, White, and Red - in one convenient package

  • Flies over 70 Feet

  • Set up trick shots and show off your skills

  • Flickerz are small enough to fit in your pocket for spontaneous, on the go play

  • Made in the USA