Bobble Eye Toppers - 8 pack

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Fish shaped erasers, Pack of 8

These Bobble Eyes Toppers are just the thing for keeping an eye out for all your mistakes. Any spelling mistake (rhythm again) and these fishy friends will swim over to sort it. Honestly, we cannot emphasise just how up for erasing your errors they are, it's kind of their purpose.


Fish shaped erasers

Eraser topper, fits any pencil

Pack of 8

Assorted colours

Product size and spec
Size w25.0 mm x h18.0 mm x d30.0 mm
Material/s Erasers (70gr) ;

Packaging size and spec
Size w107.0 mm x h180.0 mm x d22.0 mm
Material/s Paper & Card (12gr) ; Plastic (PVC) (8gr) ;